Who got in? (no bs please)

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I hope invites haven't been sent yet. I guess I'll listen to High Hopes by Pink Floyd some more
not me yet. i hope so we will get it. look like they r not give everybody yet
09/20/2011 05:02 PMPosted by Chillyo
Blue post pls! we dont understand!

well I will state the obvious lol....they aren't posting cause they are playing it right now :)
Stuck playing LoL, refreshing account screen and email every 5 minutes...
Anyone who got in is likely too busy playing to post here :)
I haven't got no invite either :(
They said there would parties in the streets when the betas go out... don't see confetti or anything, so I'm guessing there's no closed public beta release yet.
Not i :(

The people that would say " I Did"

They are either staring at the download screen or playing.
Still Waiting!
When invites go out, there will be at least 10-20 people flaunting the fact around here.
I would love blue to post and give us a heads up on the status, but.. It's not going to happen. =)

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