Friends got in.

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Sooo 2 of my friends made it in and are totally rubbing it in my face.. How evil is that.
not evil enough. they should make u watch but not play
Thank god I have no friends. That would sadden me.
And you can't assume that they're lying?
Weird, because nobody has reported non media/press beta acceptances yet...
yeah, if they were real friends they would invite you to play it.
Nice name OP
Thats just wrong.
yeah 3 of my friends got in too yeah that's it and they said HA you are not in and then .. then they totally met this girl from niagra falls and she got in too ... I swear
That is totally uncool of them. Question: Could you get them to post in this thread?
I don't believe anyone until they post some screenies and as of now, no one has done that. If there was a wave of invites, a cluster of people would have confirmed it by now. So, my guess is that Blizz is still que'ing up the invites for later on tonight.
sadly none of my friends got in but we will be keeping a close eye on the facebook / twitter pages for contests and hope for the best :)
Maybe they are trolling didn't blizzard say they started invites though?
as evil as me having 2 accounts--and no invite yet :/
I'd beat the !@#$ out of them.

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