Can someone tell us what's up?

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It'd be nice to get some official word and/or explanation on what's going on. The website says one thing but there's no evidence backing that up. Just a quick word would do a lot to stifle the confusion. Thanks.
I have no idea whats going on either.
Press have been invited. They are also allowed to post content.

There has been 0 evidence of any public invites going out.
I can tell you what is not going on for sure which is a massive giveaway of diablo 3 beta keys for all the battlenet active accounts.
09/20/2011 05:43 PMPosted by Mike
apparently PUBLIC invites haven't gone out yet

Hope this is right, still a chance :)
You look at the post I made which is now locked below.

Brennvin does not confirm or deny of those 2 or 3 people who claimed they got in are trolls or not. He just says if they spam they get banned. So he is confirming that he does have knowledge if they are trolling or actually do have true access.

However, he does not really answer the question. I wasn't asking about anyone spamming at all. So we know he has the information, but was probably instructed not to give it out.

Well im off to bed. Good luck guys!
I get all that guys, and that's all well and good. My point is, something is obviously up and I can't think of why we can't be told what it is. There's a lot of confusion among the players that could have been easily avoided with a simple post from a blue letting us know what's what. This community could use a little management.
09/20/2011 05:43 PMPosted by Highlen
I have no idea whats going on either.
Don't worry about it, we'll see a blue post soon enough.

Calm :]

The point is that a blue post earlier in the day - about the time they posted the announcement on the website - would have done a lot of good and no bad at all. I'm not upset. Just baffled.
You guys are seriously in denial...
Is that confirmed? People can lie, you know. And even then, that's not really the point. There should have been a community manager on this from the start.
You guys are seriously in denial...

I didn't know everything on the internet was in fact truth.
You guys are seriously in denial...

I didn't know everything on the internet was in fact truth.

Same goes for this misconception that beta invites have not gone out. In fact, there is more evidence suggesting that the public beta HAS started. For example: as something that is CONFIRMED by Blizzard in a blog post, several screens of invites, and etc. I see you're still on the first step of recovering from NOT receiving a beta invite. Please accept my kindest regards.

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