Proof that the Closed PUBLIC Beta has begun.

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Nuf said.


more than nuf said.
Dude they're press, it doesn't say anything about opt-ins.

Nuf said.

You smell like !@#$.

Nuf said.

What's enough said is that in a topic posted in the past 15 minutes a member of the F&F beta proves there is only 60 people online in the beta currently.
The Press sites already had their accounts flagged a couple weeks ago - they were just not activated until today to prevent a mad rush for Beta stories.

Technically, they are not "new" invites.
dude we know we are focus on the opt in's

not press not friends or family
I got my invite almost exactly 3 hours ago, client's downloaded and installed.

Just getting Error_1 when I try to log in, someone said servers are down. So I'm being... what's that word?

Patient. Or trying to be.
WeAreDust = troll
Got my beta, installed, and getting Error_1 when logging in. Servers are down. Can't wait!
Nuf said ... Enter Oceans # movies.

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