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says ping 8ms up 7mbps down 7 mbps

blizzard says 730.12 kB/s

$19.99 no cap
sigh! ya'll are so fast... in NZ i'm getting 700KB/sec download (ADSL1), i have a 205GB plan for $205


I have heard in NZ the data is still delivered by sheep... thats why its so slow! =)) Just joking... sorry =)
Just so everyone understand the difference

When it says Mbps with lowercase b it means mega bits per seconds

When it says MBps with uppercase b it means mega bytes per secons

1 Byte = 8 Bits meaning that 1mBps is 8mbps... in other words if you do a speed test for example in is going to say you have 10mbps wich mins that divided by 8 will be your data transfer speed so is 10240kbps divided by 8 is 1280kBps of data transfer speed.

Another thing your ping, latency or whatever wich is expressed in ms has nothing to do with your connection speed, you could have a connection of 128kbps and still get a nice 15-20ms ping, there are a lot of more factors that affect this.

And my speed...

Lousy 1Mbps or 128kBps of data transfer speed for download and 512kbps or 64kBps of data transfer for upload. All for roughly 20$ and the bad thing that the only plan there is to offer so I'm stuck with it.

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