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Because im Chuck Norris and I'll all @#^&*^*# you, blizzard employees.
09/21/2011 11:34 AMPosted by Rygarius
Sign of suspension.

Seriously, enough of these threads.
09/22/2011 10:57 AMPosted by Volt
Sign of suspension.

Seriously, enough of these threads.

You got a little something on your nose there.
09/22/2011 10:57 AMPosted by Volt
Sign of suspension.

Seriously, enough of these threads.

and you are... ??
I will only say the purpose of a beta is to find bugs while it's in testing and searching for or removing exploits to prevent cheating. Other would be for anyone that would livestream. I personally have 2 livestream accounts. The people that just want it to play it should not be given a beta key, as that's not the purpose of it. How many games have you reported bugs for or seen someone exploiting the game. Or if you found a glitch did you report it (like getting under Stormwind and where and how you did it, and maybe using fraps to cap it).

Just my 2 cents, if I did get it I got a guild waiting to watch me on livestream. and if that happens I'll post my livestream url on the threads.

PS: Please don't be irate if you haven't or don't get a beta key.... it usually only causes trolling, and making you look like an idiot, and in some cases a possible temporary ban from the forums.
Why I 'Deserve' a beta key? I wouldn't say that I deserve one, but it sure would be nice.
Paid for Blizzcon 2011 tickets and airfare.
Have two large Diablo 3 posters hanging above my computer area (Leoric & Wizard).
I've been in nearly all of Blizzard's past betas.
I'm getting over wisdom teeth extraction (x4) so I'm recovering with a mouth full of gauze and nothing to do :).
I want this really bad. but i hope i dont get a key because if i do i will lose all my friends and family. id prolly drop out of college, and end up in hospital for staying on game 3-5 days str8 with no sleep. However, These sacrafices are worth time with Diablo III, we all have waited a long time for this :O) and we are so close. Reading all the new and old stuff is amazing i truly believe Blizzard has outdone themselves. After D2 i didnt think it was possible to make a better game Blizzard has proved me wrong.

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