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Demon Hunter
When Demon Hunter was shown, I had hoped it would be a class that combined long physical damage mixed with long to medium range magic. Reason I thought of this was because of the glowing eyes, and a lore snippet that hinted they might have some innate power that helps them resist the legion influence. Even in the current build its hinted that they might have shadow magic from way rune stones effect Rain of vengeance. They even get a ability called Shadow Power.

My suggestion is make shadow magic a core feature of Demon Hunter. Demon hunter uses one or both of their arms as conduits to help them channel shadow magic. Shadow magic could involve summoning a larger version of their hand, that can do a variety of effects like Bigby line spells in DnD. Examples being creating a hand to push targets back, grab and crush targets (initial burst damage with additional damage over time), pull targets closer, try to flatten targets against the ground (slow targets or stun them).

If any one has seen dragon age 2 trailer where Hawke rips that creature apart, imagine ripping demons apart same way in d3.

Other spell suggestions are tethers that punish enemies for either being close or too far, if crossbows use ammo a spell that generates unlimited ammo, or summon a bunch of daggers that shoot out when a target is clicked.

Item that increases Demon Hunter shadow power could be tattoo on their arm, or gauntlets that they wear.

I see wizard as more of a controller, AOE type of character. Which doctor as more of a summoner, support character type. Demon Hunter could fill in the role of a magic direct striker, focusing more on quick sustained bursts against a single target. Wizard already allows for a melee battle caster, DH could allow for a range battle caster. Using a crossbow in between casting spells.

Resource involved for the change could be standard hatred, instead of discipline character could use a second resource similar to fury. DH builds up the second resource to unleash bigger spells or more devastating moves.

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