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09/22/2011 07:49 AMPosted by Fyrefly
How has nobody yet suggested having the falling rocks only damage the player that triggers it? No opportunity for griefing and you still have to make a tactical decision about whether harming yourself is worth the gain. It would be the same as throwing a grenade in CoD. If it hurt your teammates, griefing would be constant, but they obviously can't just let you run into your own explosion.

I wouldn't mind this but I feel a better solution is to pamper normal difficulty(i.e leaving it as it is so people can learn the game and keep it cheese for the masses), then have falling rocks and other tacticle falling debris or traps alike to do damage in harder difficulties. This for the reason that players will be able to avoid a dangerus situation given that they have prior knowledge of the environment all the while making the game more difficult and exciting within the diablo domain.
I actually expected those falling walls and a chandelier to hurt players little bit. I wouldn't mind those doing small amount of damage, not good enough to actually kill a player with ample amount of hp.

I mean, if your hp is already low, you would be more careful when near those destructible objects or might as well just use damn potions already. You should be more aware of your surrounding environment and potential dangers and should always be ready to escape or use potions, especially if you're playing a hardcore character.

We had exploding barrels in D2 and I'm sure only a handful of careless people got killed by those barrels. So, I think the real chances of these objects actually killing players are very slim.
"Diablo 3 needs more Destructable Rocks."

-Dustin Browder

That does terrible terrible damage to players. Says the OP.

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