How will Diablo 3 servers be funded?

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I really don't think their worried about the overhead with the game, this is a multibillion dollar company. Not only is ATVI is a very powerful investment vehicle that has made people A LOT of money but it also serves as a safeguard behind any kind of game flop that might occur. After your circulate billions it's easy to provide a free surface. Just look at xbox/microsoft, every system them sell loses the company money.

On the other side I'd be willing to chunk Blizzard 15$ a month for a service.
09/22/2011 06:04 AMPosted by Kwelis
$60 x 10,000,000 copies sold(world wide) = $600,000,000. That might be enough to run servers for a while....
Dumb !@#$ing trolls.

Sure, 60$ for the box.
-10$ for the box/manual/etc
-10$ for server infrastructure for the game itself
-10$ to pay for the employee's that made the game
-10$ for shipping/handling/processing/promotional events
-9.90$ for future expansion of the series!!!

0.10$ PROFIT %^-* YA BRO
0.10$ x 10,000,000 copies sold = 1,000,000$ That might be enough to run the servers for a year!!

Blizzard as a company have likely had a net loss on all of Diablo/Diablo 2/SC1/Warcraft 1/2(3 probably still in the green) simply due to infrastructure costs.

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