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Hey I was just wondering what everyone's opinion is on dlc and expansion packs down the line for d3. I myself kinda expect it to come eventually, but I guess not everyone have that opinion. However feel free to share what you would like to see as a expansion pack :)

The best dlc pack for me, would be a recreation of the old classes, just for us nutty old gamer. Just to get a good chance of playing our favorite Paladin, necro or whatever. Alot of the features they have are in the game, but with the rune system and creativity from Blizzard im sure I would still be entertained for hours upon hours with a new druid :D
Somewhere down the line they state both a character based expansion and an act based expansion are planned. (though no promise of returning characters). No link because I am fat and lazy.

That being said I want to see the addition of new runes in one of these expansion packs. Increase the number of skills even more. There was a topic about this in another section but it did get much love.
DLC's... I doubt it, but that would be quite interesting, and if they did add additional content other than the expansion packs that are to follow the release of Diablo 3, they would obviously be at a price.

I'm all for some $20 DLC's for D3 if they add some cool features, significant storyline or the edge you need in the pvp arena etc. :)

Has Blizzard mentioned DLC's at all? If they have then my mistake.
I would probably buy any content they wanted to throw at me. New acts, classes, items, etc. I'm certain we'll see all of this unless the game flops.

Expansions YES

Need to get away from this whole DLC thing and go back to making expansion packs. (Blizzard is good about this but the rest of the gaming industry not so much.
I would be cool with free DLC, or small stuff to buy like in WoW with pets and stuff.

I don't want to have to pay to unlock SuperInferno though, or for the top tier gems/craft stuff.

Expansions I welcome with open arms.
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Hopefully both. The more content the better. I just hope it isn't too long between expansions.
NO DLC. Please, I hate DLC. DLC are just another reason I play less and less console games, and I have never bought any. Really, I mean never.

On the other hand, I always buy expansions. To me an expansion makes the game bigger, and DLC makes it smaller. When you have expansions you feel like you have the full game, and then you're getting even more. With DLC, it feels like you got an incomplete game and are missing parts if you don't buy the DLC. Even when it's customization stuff, it feels like "why couldn't we have that?"

What is the absolute WORST though is when people who have DLC are able to play with people that don't and still use the things they bought. You couldn't join a Starcraft game when you were playing Brood War and use BW units against the other player. Please, don't stick in a hundred little stupid optional things, or be *!!@s like Arc System Works and make people who don't buy their overpriced characters still encounter them online. It just comes off as an excuse to cut out stuff that should have been available out of the box and inflate the price of the real, "full" game.
im not a big supporter of it for this game. but who knows

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