Did you have a weird Diablo 2 play style?

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When I first started playing Diablo I played the game mainly with my Mum as a necromancer. None the less too say I was quite the noob as I was only 8 in the year 2000 and put most of my stat points into strength (so I could wield two handed swords) and specced into the summoning tree. I would then charge out in front of my army of minions as some sort of Army general I guess and bash things with my two handed sword. Instead of standing at the rear of my risen army and using a ranged attack/wand. As well as no matter how many times I was killed, I would charge back through the portal strait away pick up my dead body and strait back into the battle. I guess in my mind at the time I thought my character was a barbarian, just one that had an army following him.

As I grew older and came back to the game I played the classes closer too their defined roles. But now as I wait for diablo 3, I'm thinking of going back and trying to play a necromancer the way I first did. But with a little more less dying.

So anyway I was wonder did anyone else play diablo 2 classes weirdly?
fire enchant weapon sorc with a crystal sword socketed with 6 IAS runes. With max mana shield and lots of mana that sorc was hard to kill :P
I had a level 30 barbarian with all points put into Vitality.

He never died but couldn't do much. :P
I had a Paladin with 20 points in zeal... god, when he was hitting someone, he would hit him for a long time before he could move!!!
started as a zon, and switched to barb for a brief time. highest toons i got on battlenet were my druids which i took to higher 70's but eventually i gave necromancer a shot and fell in love with it, went a summoner build and while the actual gameplay of it was objectively fairly boring, just cursing stuff and watching the skeletons do all the work for me, it was a BLAST for me, i literally had my own undead army, it was so evil and cool. i always ggravitate towards the more "evil" things and love necromancy and such. so from a roleplaylol perspective it gave it a really cool vibe with me and i was more proud of that toon than any other and def put more work and effort into it, bringing it to about 95. def my fav toon ever.

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