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Hey all,

I tried to google some info and look around first before posting, but couldn't really find what i was looking for. Can someone post a link or explain exactly what the stats do. For example, I am curious to understand how defense and armor scale together or if they are the same thing. Also, does plus attack add to both melee and magic dmg? Thanks in advance, as I am sure this has been answered before.
Attack affects the damage of all your attacks as far as I know (1 point seems to be 1%)
Defense affects your damage reduction from all attacks (does not scale linearly)
Precision affects your chance to critically hit with all attacks (does not scale linearly)
Vitality increases your health (unsure about the scaling)

Armor reduces physical damage taken and resistances reduce elemental damage taken (Fire, Lightning, Poison, Cold, Arcane)
this makes sense. Thanks

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