This might not be a big deal to most...

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but I love the fact that dyes are in game! Thanks Blizzard, now I can pimp out my look!:)
Oh it's a huge deal. Stoked. =)
Hell yes, thank you blizzard :DDDDDD

LOL vanishing dye. Y U SO AWSUM BILLZARD
lol you worry me!:)
I will be know as King Lord the Incredible with my all gold dye
This does make me happy :) Now to think of an awesome ensemble to go with a persona based on my name hmmm...
Dye is so worth it to get.
please don't make abyssal black a super rare/expensive drop!!!
An' it's a big deal for some! I'm happy with the inclusion; the more options the better!
I always loved the ability to color armor.
Sweet feature. I can walk around in bright pink armor now (if they have that color, I didn't check) on my male barbarian. Savage! (:

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