Zombie heavy build

Witch Doctor
Hey guys,

Here my idea for a majorly zombie heavy build.
I was thinking it might be a good idea to swap out one of the abilities for a snare as most of my DMG is going to be getting done by the zombies themselves.


Tell me what you think.
I'm guessing by the large number of potential mana regen abilities (both runes and passives), that you will need some source of mana regeneration for WD at higher difficulties.

If you go with a spirit heavy build. which uses cheaper spells, I think you don't need as much. But if you're using zombie charger, I would think you would want some regen ability.

Since you have 4 long cooldowns, I think something like vision quest would be helpful. Also, as you said, a snare might be nice.
I personally think that Blizzard could have done a better job with the Witchdoctor skills. There are way too many zombie skills. Fighting zombies with zombies? It doesn't fit. Blizzard should have kept the Witchdoctor hero skills separate from skills id expect mobs and bosses to use.
09/25/2011 03:21 PMPosted by Hazard
Fighting zombies with zombies?

Funny I kind of like the sound of that one . . . seems like an excellent use of zombies - and it's not like they're in short supply >:-)

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