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09/21/2011 08:53 PMPosted by RustYNailS
psu over kill.

He DID say the PSU was specifically for if you wanted to go the SLI route.
And in regards to all the NCIX fanboys, just at a first glance:

i7 2600k is $343.84 on NCIX. ( 309.99 on
Geforce 570 is $359.03 on NCIX ( 319.99 on

I'll stop there =D
Instead of getting an over-priced hard drive and an expensive case, you could buy a 500GB 7200RPM and a cheaper case and invest the money saved in a 580GTX. The performance difference between a 7200RPM and a 10k RPM hard drive is trivial. The case itself doesn't contribute to performance and there are plenty of cheap cases that have excellent ventilation.

a ssd will do speed up every thing that has pc load time, even in game it will help.
the diffrence in a 7200 black and a 10000 rpm you wont see much diffrence

you better off geting a 7200 with a 60gig caching ssd

but for playing games a 120gig ssd should be plenty, you can put everything else on the HD.
in psu i would get the 650 eartch from antec for like 55 $ it's a great psu will do everything you need.
for cases get the storm trooper its a great case and it cost about 80$
with all the lile saving you doing, you can get a great cooler like a h80 so you can use the full potential of your cpu and you will be able to overclock it well over 4.3 ghz maybe get lucky and oc well over 4.5 ghz
look at there weekly deals, look at the shipping, is horrible for canadians you have no clue what you are looking at.

the 2600k is 299 with any motherboard.....
going sly is only for people who do benching and not gaming inless you get 2 lower end cards like say the 400 serries from nividia.
you better of buying the best card out there and go for single slot.
alot of games example Sc scale sly horrible so I'm guessing diablo 3 will be the same.

here enjoy

also if you did not know NCix has price matching.. meaning if you find any lower price at any other webpage they will match there price penny for penny..
@OP I like your initial selection of components but I personally would get a GTX580 instead of GTX570 and then get a second GTX580 later. That is just personal opinion.

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