How Will Botting be Stopped?

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There are map hacks in SC2, there will be map hacks in D3, once the map is hacked the info is client side and a bot can use it. At that point all the bot has to worry about is not being detected.
I thought the RMAH was implemented to stop bots.
Edit: Unless you are not talking about spam bots
well, if my memory serves me right the main defense at this point is making the gameplay less predictable. The beta could probably easily be botted, but inferno mode will require some more intelligent game play than d2 ever required at end game for several reasons.

First, you will never outlevel the mobs as was easily done in d2. D2 chars could easily become demigods and walk through blowing their nose at every mob such as a hammerdin with enigma. I do not recall d2 being so botted before LOD. Chaos sanctuary used to feel a little too scarey to go on auto pilot. If someone wants to send a bot through nightmare difficulty and fight mobs 20 lvls below them they probably can easily.

Second, the AI is supposed to be more intelligent in d3 so things become a little more unpredictable. Barbs cannot endlessly ww with enough leech that they never worry about dying, especially when the mobs outlevel them. You will not need a masters degree to play through the hard parts, but you probably wont let your 6 year old take you through inferno.

Third, everything is being designed to avoid mf runs. There will be exploits that need to be closed, but from the sounds of d3 it will be similar to farming the pits or other high lvl areas where norm mobs can drop good stuff. Bosses are supposed to drop their guaranteed rare, but not to be the meat of drops anymore. Will have to see how this really works out.

Fourth, blizz games are now based off a CD key, unlike d2. D2 accounts could be banned, and it would not cost you money. Losing your XX$ account will make people think slightly more. SC2 is kind of hard to prove if someone is maphacking for example because from your perspective everything is ok. You would need their replay, or warden would have to detect it. D3 hacks will be screen-shottable.

Lastly, d3 has income unlike d2 or sc2. We will be seeing more of a blizzard presence because they will want to protect that income. WOW has done so well primarily because it responds to its customers(disagreeing with the majority is something people will need to live with, its a business) Blizzard simply does not have the interest in d2 to crush the mf bots or chat bots, because they have nothing to gain.

They will not eliminate bots, but they can greatly reduce the amount and effectiveness of them. It will be more difficult to create a successful bot in d3, and people will actually be looking for them. Without using hacks or severe exploits, the effectiveness of any bot will be extremely limited.

What people should be worried about is multiboxing. That is how people will be farming, with 4 of the same class operated by the same person. You will have human control for end game content.

feel free to correct any of my errors, im sure they are there.
i think we can sum this up quick: no it will not be stopped. kinda like death taxes
Yes, they will not allow bots in D3. They will be hardcore on it for the first few years. We have to remember how old Diablo2 is. I just realized how much I hate bots, not only the items seekers...but the ones that spam text in your game...errrrrr Oo
Bots have several factors working against them with D3 that they didn't in D2. Namely, the architecture of the game is being designed from the ground up to prevent exploits, bots among them, something that D2 never did. There's also an exceptional amount of randomization present in the game world, something bots can't account for. Particularly not if they're lacking maphacks (something that was a requirement for D2 bots to function).

I don't think bots are going to be nearly as prevalent as people fear.

but what about ad bots!!!!

god they make me shudder
Some people will figure out how to bot and exploit the game. There is already image recognition programs that works pretty fast. Blizzard will need to monitor the client PC for all process and hopefully can detect those bots.

The only way to minimize bots, IMO, is to make the game harder (dynamic map, random bosses). Make the game less predictable so that bots can't predict everything
Diablo 3 is unhackable. Unhackable!
in case blizzard is reading this thread please please please actively moderate ad bots, i mean i BEG yyou, please take care of them quicklyy, i swear they just really really ruin things jumping into your game and spamming your chat to hell (lol get it, hell). it's just really the worst thing in the world, if they can be taken care of really quickly i would really appreciate that. i cant express how terrible they are and every second u have to put up with them is just unbearable.
Here's how I think of it (in terms of item farming).

In Diablo 2 the best items where found in the highest difficulty: Hell. With monsters being capped at 85, no cool downs, plenty of powerful items due to duping, no cooldown on teleports it became pretty easy to create a powerful character to bot. A character could teleport quickly avoiding mobs, and in worst case scenarios they were able to take a few hits before teleporting again. Their single goal was to kill a boss or two and ignore everything else. This also simplified what they had to do.

In Diablo 3 we're looking at something completely different. Inferno will be our highest difficulty. Naturally this will be where the valuable, sought-after items will be. Our highest level will be 60. Monsters will be 61. This already poses a problem for bots. Our characters are already at a disadvantage against mobs. The uber-powerful builds in d2 were made possible by the best gear, gear that shouldn't have been readily available. In D3 we're looking at this being impossible. We will not longer see the masses carrying what should be cookie-cutter gear. Finally with teleports having a cool-down bots can no longer quickly glide through tough mobs; they will either have to try and sustain massive amounts of damage or fight them. Fighting them will not likely be viable as it will certainly take skill to defeat a large group of powerful monsters who have a higher level than you. Good luck trying to run past everything!

TL;DR: I believe the game difficulty will be too hard for bots to try and work around.
In the world of computing, everything can and will be automated. Diablo 3 is no exception.
Maybe you are right about Inferno being too hard for Bots at the release of the game.
Still, bots will be used, for example, to farm lower difficulty (nigthmare) to get gold or to monitor the auction house 24h/24h
After people start to get their hands on powerfull item, I expect hell and even part of inferno to be bottable sadly :(

Yes everything can be automated, but if it takes 2hrs for a bot to run a place and 2min for a human, bots won't be a big problem. Some logic puzzle and image recognition are still impossible for computers to complete in a timely manner
the same way google messes with search engine optimizers..

put out a competition so that the first person who can code a bot that is able to profitably play the game gets a cash prize then blizzard gets to copyright the software .. look at and combat the code ..
Stopping cheating is very difficult, there is no such thing as "100% un-hackable".

Automation/Hacking is done by:
- Automating your computer's functionality. Eg. Moving mouse, Keystrokes etc.
- Modifying and/or Injecting code into the game in memory.
- Intercepting/Modifying the data stream between the game client and server.

Some of these thing's are detectable heuristically, others require patching.. it's really down to the vigilance of the blizzard, and the community by reporting hacks, and hackers.
Edited for spam.
Maybe you are right about Inferno being too hard for Bots at the release of the game.
Still, bots will be used, for example, to farm lower difficulty (nigthmare) to get gold or to monitor the auction house 24h/24h
After people start to get their hands on powerfull item, I expect hell and even part of inferno to be bottable sadly :(

This is very true. However, I imagine for them to even make a significant amount of gold (compared to that of an average player playing inferno) they would have to bot many many hours. I would hope that continual activity alone would likely flag an account for suspicion. I don't know that for sure, but we can be hopeful right?

Also, I think CakeMountain brings up a great point. We only have one key, all your eggs are in one basket. You better hope you don't get caught; a ban will cost you 60 dollars :).

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