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I was wondering, does anyone else think that the 4-player limit per game will be increased with any expansion/s? I was wondering this myself, and it seemed to make more sense the more I thought about it. Expansion one(just for conversations sake)has 2 new characters, think the 4-player limit will be changed to 6?
Probably not, but let's wait 2 years for the expansion to be announced before we speculate.
lets play the first game and see how 4 works first, eh? :D

The number of people per game should (and is) based on what is best for gameplay, not how many classes there are. Blizzard has already said that they feel four people per game is the sweet spot with how their environment is set up, anything more and they feel like the game gets far, far too busy and cluttered.
Not likely.

Blizzard have said they've played around with high numbers but it just feels too frantic having any more than 4 characters on the screen all using multiple abilities at once. They feel like 4 is a comfortable number to play with.

Unless they plan on zooming the action out in the expansion (which they won't be, least they have to redo all the art in the orig game) they won't be doing this.

And 8 player Diablo with mass summons and 8 hirelings was less confusing some how?

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