New items tab!

General Discussion
Looks interesting under Game tab
All Legendaries!
*insert biggest smiley face ever*
The Buriza makes a return!
Ya, looking at items now.
I just noticed that.

Did they activate that section just now?
Nice windforce and eaglehorn are in !! Love it
Awwsome! :D

ok lets edit that... i dont think "AWSOME" is enough...! O.O!

this is insane.!!!! omg!
and if you look, all legendary have a random stat at the end.. this is so great.
Very cool.
Loving the artwork
is that all the items or are they showing us portions of the items
OMG this is awesome. I hope they add more items too!!!!
Oh the FIST WEAPONS... YES. I might not be able to wait for my Monk like previously thought.... Must get my Monk-y action on NOWZ.
Thunderfury. lol..

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