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I want to their actual in-game model
09/22/2011 05:12 PMPosted by Senki
Whats the deal with "random properties" on legendaries... Gonna suck finding some super rare item only to find out it has a garbage random stats

Oh the memories!
omg from Diablo 1!!!!!
That's sweet they finished the whole section, Going to read up after I finish dinner
Lol, very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey, where's Wirt's Leg?? :(
Benn looking at it all. Going to be fun!
I'm excited but this can't be all the gear can't it ?!?!?!

I wants my preciousssss

EDIT - is this a tribute to those BIG "Monster Hunter" game swords?
check out that mara's ammy :P
wizard gonna own :)

i am going to be busy on there for days
Thanks blizz

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