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09/22/2011 05:33 PMPosted by Highlen
I'm excited but this can't be all the gear can't it ?!?!?!

Every non-Unique/Legendary item can have rare mods on them. Up to 6 mod I beleive on the rare items. Randomly selected when they drop.

The stuff they have listed is just the pre-set items (Uniques, Legendaries and Sets/Crafted).

Magic/Rare items are completely randomized.
GFG the stone of jordan returns !
Lots of nice info.. but doesn't this kinda kill some of the mystery?
What a splendor to the eyes...
lol the occy ring is now official
After looking at some of the crafting recipes and their costs I know where the gold sinks are. 75k+ for 1 craft with multiple randoms, people could (and will) be crafting multiples. can't wait!

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