Legendary Lvl 60 Witch Doctor bow?

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Is this a typo? Or is Blizz actually implementing a level 60 legendary WD bow?

wondering the same thing
I wished I was a hot shot with the ladies.. Sadly I am not.. Maybe getting this bow will change this!
What you know about my auto attack bow that takes away my mana regen offhand?
whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa......Now I want to roll a WD first....
This is a perfect example of Diablo!

Everyone is up in arms about... "not enough customization", blah blah blah. If anyone knew anything about how Diablo plays... it is an ITEM based game. In D2, you built your character around the items you find in game. The actual character anyone could make... it's the items that made them rare and unique.

Find... or trade... or now you can buy... an item like this and build your character around it!

I built fire sorc's in D2 because I had charms to make them powerful. I built WW barbs in D2 because I had the 2h weapons to make it rock! So on and so forth...

Customization in Diablo has never been dictated by the skill points, it has always been limited by the ITEMS!

Edit: Keep it up Blizzard, you know what you are doing!!!

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