Someone in the Beta without F&F or media

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disclaimer: this is only public game dataNOTICE: SEEN A GUY THAT ISNT FF OR MEDIA WITH BETA, confirmed! its one in one million

i gues beta invite is begin ! but its not confirmed anywhere from anyone ! exepted on this link
comment here if you join the beta ! with picture
13 people online... rly blizz? rly?
Im sorry but what exactly is this? I r confused.
09/22/2011 06:08 PMPosted by Déx
13 people online... rly blizz? rly?

One small snapshot of time, in a game mode that people aren't forced to play (read: I'm sure a lot of people aren't playing public games).. is indicative of very little.
Isn't that the same link that got all hacked to hell last night? O.o
Good to see the !@#$% is gone.
First off... How do you even know if the guy isn't F&F or media?

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