WW Barb no more?

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With the update to the site today, adding in all the cool item information - I've noticed there aren't items/weapons that really provide fury generation when you kill mobs. Being a classic D2 Whirlwind Barbarian player, life and mana leech were the two biggest gear priorities of the day. My barb could ww through an entire act and never run out of mana. So I guess for anyone who has played the beta, or those more in the know then I, is the whirlwind barb a relic of D2? Does it look like a similar build would be possible to play in D3?
We don't know.

Beta limit is 13. No way to tell how item sets/legendaries/runes/gems will help a pure WW barb.

However the devs seem to want to steer away from single skill using builds, so I wouldn't get my hopes up of it being as OP as it was in D2.
yea kinda bummed about no fury generation weapons
Fury regenerates if you WW with fists, so w/e.

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