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So with many videos showing the whole beta, supposedly the first hour and a half is 1/3 of Act I. But I bet many people could rush through the game, and beat it a lot faster, hell I'm sure people have tried some speed runs already beating it in 45 minutes. So to the point how do you plan on playing D3? Rushing through it to be the first to be beat the game. Taking it slow exploring everywhere and soaking in the immersion.

I myself will be taking it slow, and having fun with my Dad all the way through since it was one of the things we usually played together, and being an idiot and saying hey what does the cross swords mean, oh hey I killed you sorry old man.
Trump beat it in 24 minutes with a wizard..fastest I've seen so far.
I plan to be from day one on playing as much as I can to get fully familiar with the new features, controls, classes, etc. Ive been waiting for a long time to finally play this game and I hope to get a beta invite :D *hint hint Blizzard
I personally think it would be quite "dumb" to speed run a new game at retail... I don't think this game is going to be about "level" like diablo 2. Instead, this game will be more based around items considering the HUGE randomisation of things! I think it would be more important to spend time killing and exploring considering nobody knows what is in store for the later acts/difficulties.. would make more sense for me seeing I'm a hardcore player too take it slow and gear up as good as possible so that I am ready for whats thrown at me. Just my two cents tho.

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