Black Bone Arrows v Dead Man's Legacy Quivers

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In browsing the items, I have come across two items that maybe someone can shed some light on.

Black Bone Arrows

Increases attack speed by 12-13%
+11-33 Attack
+11-33 Precision
+2 Random Properties
Requires Level 56


Dead Man's Legacy

Increases attack speed by 12-13%
+2 Random Properties
Requires Level 60

Now, I understand that the item information isn't finalized. I'm a bit curious why this would even exist today. My understanding is that Dead Man's Legacy is a potential Inferno item, whereas Black Bone Arrows may be found near the end of Hell?

Possibly only the "best" affixes can spawn on level 60 items.

More likely though, the item is simply incomplete, and just placeholder info, as Bashiok said on the old forums. That's why they are going to pull the information down before more people become confused like this.
Random properties pool usually have different levels based on item level

for example

30-49% damage Level 50-54

50-69% damage Level 55-59

70-89% damage Level 60

Or the item is just plain !@#$

! Note: Item information is not final and is subject to change at any time.

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