a demon hunter build!

Demon Hunter

i wanna know what yall think! please and thanks :D
haha thanks for the constructive criticism
PvE but it looks like a boss killing one dont it?
I dunno why you took preparation, when the only discipline skill you have is mark of death.
My guess for the taking of preperation is the exact reason I would take it (and in fact probably the only reason I'd bother with it at all, except maybe runed as punishment), a 55% heal. Other than a monk I do not believe there are really any other healing skills for characters (although to be fair I have not looked at every runed combination on every character that closely as of yet). My only concern with that skill is how unclear it is as to what 55% is. Is it 55% of your current life added back on, which becomes increasely less effective the lower your health is? Is it 55% of the amount missing from your life, which becomes better the more life you've lost? Or is it 55% of your total life added back on, which is what I'm guessing it is?
Probably 55% of your total life, yeah. My concern is that your build doesn't use discipline skills at all. Marked for death only costs 6 discipline, which makes your passive choice of Perfectionist perplexing. Marked for death will only be 1 discipline cheaper, a terrible reward for a whole skill. Also Custom Engineering... only applies to Marked for Death, kind of a waste.

I take it you wanted to spam MfD? If that's the case, you're MUCH better off puting an indigo rune in it, and then killing the one enemy you choose to mark. Bam, 8 enemies are now marked with only the initial 6 discipline spent.

If you want to use MfD as an AOE-spreader, with the crimson rune, you could apply that to a boss/other giant baddie, and while your group focuses down the 8000hp big guy, 3200hp is taken off of ALL the nearby mobs, effectively killing them for free.

Two great uses of MfD, but neither of which really warrants either of those two passives.

Oh, and on the topic of Prep, I'd only take it if you had a way to actually use discipline. Perhaps swap out one of your (imo) redundant hatred skills with Shadow Power. This can be specced into a heal (45% of all damage), burns discipline for you (warranting taking Preparation), and also increases damage! If you went this route, you can then resocket Preparation with alabaster, and if you're lucky, have the cooldown available to just spam Shadow Power yet again :)

Some nice synergies to be found playing a DH for sure :).

Hmm, while I like the skills, I am not sure if it has enough consistency in it really (feels sorta jumbled in places). Consistency in the sense of what kind of build you are going for (besides wanting that MoD up :3)

What I kind of get from it is a high dps build (both from DoTs and damage) and is more upfront than wanting to be "dodgy" (more disc like). So this is what I will be critiquing it as.


Give a look into this quickly tweaked build of yours; it might help give you some more ideas about your build.

Strafe with Indigo rune: I kept that as because it seems to do pretty well as a nice high DPS skill.
Hungering Arrow with Cinder Arrow: I also kept this because of the idea of a DoT. It is a nice tinker while you do your main attack (strafe).
Chakram with Alabaster Rune: The reason I replaced Impale is because it costs a lot of hatred (and you don't really have a lot of hatred gainers) and it more coexists with the idea of being upfront with an AoE DoT (which is nice).
FoK: I didn't replace this because it is nice when you are up front (which you probably will be) and need a quick damage burst/way to slow the enemy down and get away for whatever reason.
MoD with contagion: This will make it so you do not have to recast MoD every second. I also replaced your health regen skill.
Sentry with Golden Rune: This gives you your survivability and gives you more dps.

Archery: More damage = nom
CE: Kept that because of sentry+MoD
Fundamentals: Kept this as another Hatred Regen method, as you don't have too many.

Hope that helps a little bit. Wasn't sure if I got what you are going for, but hopefully you can take from that a bit. :3

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