Blacksmith and his wife??

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Anyone else notice while watching the Blacksmith shows little to no emotion about killing her wife? He just kinda is like "Alright now that thats over with go find my dumb apprentice." I was wondering why there is such little to no emotion? I mean D1 had TONS!!! of emotion during there speach especially if you talked to farnham. I do hope we see more emotion from characters later on otherwise the world will seem kinda dull.

He probably was happy.

Young successful blacksmith back on the market...

being the only blacksmith in town probably makes him a good catch for the ladies.
09/21/2011 03:56 PMPosted by Vitorian
being the only blacksmith in town probably makes him a good catch for the ladies.

Hell yeah it would. Not only do you end up with all the $$$ from the adventurers, you also have armor and weapons to protect the fly honies from the badies should they ever get into town. He'd be rolling in it.
I'm sure the fact that Diablo has walked the Earth several times, towns have been decimated multiple times, friends dying every other day, rotting carcasses scatter the land, and the most evil and vile creatures are but yards away, killing your wife seems to be a lot less of a grueling task.
Or maybe he's just consoling himself with the Guns & Roses song?
i was thinking the same, putting myself in the blacksmith's shoes. Seeing his wife begging for help, then she starts puking like crazy. I mean she must be suffering...
The blacsmith is like: "HIGH5 mr. hero you killed my wife and i couldnt do it myself!"
This is the result of not loving someone. Clearly he cares not. :)
He was cheating on her with the scroll-maker's wife. She's a size 2 and mad hot. Just sayin.
But the blacksmith..obviously a playah. You know how playah's in Diablo roll! They get their groove goin, and then....they misclick and accidentally run into a pack of quill rats and die horribly on act 1 normal. Dangit... WTB better AI for Diablo. I want my NPC's to randomly get mad and run out of town and start owning stuff right by the gates.
When my wife died I was like "I ain't even mad."
Idk, I was just thinking if the Blacksmith is a character sticking with you throughout the game he would show a little more emotion...perhapshe if you are able to gossip with him and perhaps he may bring something up about it later on...I just hope characters eventually show more emotion later on in the game.

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