Hacking the beta?

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Ordinarily, hacking is obviously strictly against the ToS of all Blizzard games. However, with the RMAH on the horizon, the stakes are higher than ever that they get security right, otherwise duped or hacked items might find their way to the RMAH.

How does Blizzard approach people trying to dupe/hack items or anything else in the beta? Is it still forbidden, or do they want some people to actually try to dupe things so they are better prepared for release?
I am sure any approved attempts to try and hack or dupe would only be carried out by Blizzard employees.

And any exploits they find will no doubt be kept under wraps until they fix it.

Any normal Beta Tester caught hacking or duping will no doubt be treated as they should, with a permanent ban and revocation of login rights.
Yeah this comes under 'inhouse' testing, not for the public. Blizz prob have a department devoted to trying to find exploits and such, public doing s o will be banned I'm sure.
I suppose perhaps if the person hacking were to inform Blizzard of anything they found as soon as they became aware of it, they wouldn't necessarily be upset about it.
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Actually they made a post about it:

Blizzard can never flat out state they would allow you to hack the game (regardless of good intent), that'd be a legal nightmare for them.

However, I've done a few things here and there, and found most game companies are tolerant to hacking, provided you report things in a timely and professional manner and have not used the hack or exploit to your advantage, and did it on a test server (that last bit is extremely important).

As far as I am aware, Blizzard does have people dedicated to finding exploits. They are too big to not have such a team. However, it would be silly to think they can catch all exploits (they can't). So, it'd be foolish to punish white hats messing with the game for the greater good.

Of course this is not a guarantee Blizzard will not ban you ;-)

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