The Odd Imbalance in Class Mechanics

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This has been talked about here and there, and I KNOW that the DH is going to see some changes in the near future. But I wanted to make this thread to highlight was I see as the BIGGEST imbalance between the 5 classes.

I of course do not think that each class should play the same. That would defeat the purpose of having different classes to begin with. But, this isn't a difference that works in my opinion.

I am talking about the ability to charge your classes resource, while doing damage with skills.

Looking these three classes you'll notice 1 thing in common, they can generate their resource while using damage dealing abilities.

Barbarian: Right from the get go, you can use Bash instead of Regular Attack. Bash hits harder than an auto attack and generates Furry. You can also use Cleave to the same effect. The result is, no matter what, the Barbarian can use skills to do damage and NEVER has to rely on regualr attacks. On top of this, the Barbarian has a passive skill, "Unforgiving" that actually makes him generate Furry rather than loose it over time.

Wizard: The Wizard has 4 skills to choose from called Signature Spells which cost 0 of her resource. Not only that, but with the passive "Prodigy" each cast GIVES the wizard 5 arcane power. So I imagine a "chain lightning" runed electrocute Wizard with this passive NEVER having a problem with Arcane Power. Out of arcane power? No problem, spam Chain lightning.

Monk: Basically ALL of the core damage dealing abilities (Combos) that the Monk uses, generate his resource, spirit. If you are out of spirit, you can ALWAYS use your combo skill[s] of choice. There are of course Runes and Passives which add even more Spirit Regen like "Gaurdian's Path" which increases all Spirit generation by 20% if you use a two handed weapon.

Now, before I go on to the other two classes, please note that I dont think the above classes are broken. I LOVE the way the systems for the Barb, Monk and Wizard work. Your always able to use your most basic, combat skills. But, not so much with the below classes:

Witch Doctor: The Witch Doctor obviously has some great ways to regenerate Mana. There seems to be a rune for almost every skill that "regenerates a % of damage as mana" and there are passives like "Spiritual Attunement" which gives you 20% more mana and 2% additional regeneration. But, unlike the Barb, Wizard and Monk, the WD doesn't have a spamable damage ability that can be used as a replacement for Regular Attack, unless your rune for it. As a WD, I assume the thought process is that you can have minions that ALWAYS do somthing, and they can act as a resource generator with the right runes. It seems that the WD has one option, Poison Dart with a Golden rune. And you have to always hit a target to get that mana.

Demon Hunter: Its good to know Blizzard agrees that somthing is wrong. Unlike the WD, the DH doesn't have pets to fill in gaps when she is out of Her primary Resource, Hatred. Also, the Passives that seem to try to be the equal of things like "Prodigy" for the Wizard, or Golden Rune Poison Dart for the Witch Doctor, only effect the Regular Attack for the DH. "Fundamentals" increases your Regular Attack by 100% (with a level 7 rune) and gives you 15 Hatered.

So what do you guys think? Does not having a set of skills that generate their resource by default (or cost 0 resource) leave the WD and DH too far behind? I understand that the point of the different resources is to add more difference in the way they play, but imagine if 4 of the 7 classes in Diablo 2 had whole sets of skills that were free. Of course I know that we have only seen a bit of Act 1, and that the skills/passives may very well be tweaked/added to. But doesn't it feel like some customization for WDs and DHs might be lost because they HAVE to take things like "Fundamentals" and "Golden Poison Dart"?

Thanks for reading, and I'm aware this isn't exactly a new topic, but I hadn't seen a good-focused discussion on it.

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