You Guys... Diablo was Right when he said.

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09/22/2011 11:15 AMPosted by Hpx
Deckard Cain is Diablo.

It's pretty obvious who Diablo is, by looking at his concept art and model figure. Notice something... off about the way his body is shaped? Notice the new character they introduced into D3?

While it's probably not Cain himself, because of who I think it is... he may have a hand in it.

Figure it out. You can tag this and laugh at me for being wrong later, but I don't think I will be.
The World Stone was destroyed therefore Sanctuary is no longer hidden from Heaven and Hell.

There will be many new angels and demons.
Uber Diablo was still Diablo.... he was just Pissed off....

remember when he says Not Even Death Can Save You From Me....
he Means IT... really you cant just kill me and Walk away... Now im going to go Uber on your assss....

Thats why theres uber Diablo...

Huh!? How can you butcher one of the coolest lines in any video game.

When he says, "not even death can save you from me" he isn't talking about HIMSELF dying..

They are IN hell, which means, if the player "dies" he goes straight back to "hell." Typically ones torment in life is ended when they die. However, in this universe, the hero is fighting against satan/diablo himself. If he is killed, then Diablo owns his soul, thus death is not a way out, but just a way towards more torture.

It works both ways brotha... we killed him and now hes back again in Diablo 3...
but also.... how do Heros go to hell if they die... wouldnt they go to Heaven for being heros?

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