Critique this build!

Demon Hunter!WUX!bZcYZb

Hungering Arrow for my primary single target ability.
Bola for AOE
Evasive Arrow for the avoidance, aoe and the hatred to damage ratio.
Entangling for more AOE
Marked for death is an obvious choice but I'm not sure how I feel about the rune just yet.
and bat companion since it'll help manage hatred better.

What are your guys thoughts on a build like this one?
Try this build. Similar to yours.!XWU!cbaaZY

Main focus is crit stacking with Grievous Wounds. And Bitter Pill for Discipline burst return. Attack speed with Night Bane for leet Hatred regen. And some Bait the Trap for control and extra crit.

Having Grim Reaper is pointless, its damage is meh, And is only good if you are fighting a boss that you KNOW will have lots of adds. Volatile Explosives damage is not good, best to focus on Backup Plan for aoe. Chain gang is meh as well, you'll get some decent damage on many targets, but its just not as good as Backup Plan, 18yrds is farther than the backflip ><

Also if you were going to Use Hungering arrow, you should use Cinder Arrow, for the dot, because if you are spamming it on one target. The dot would just keep ticking over and over.
Not saying the build you have is bad (didn't look too far into it because lazy :3), but I think it has a different feel than Vintos. Good criticism on his build though.

Some things I would try is:

Hungering Arrow -> Imaple with Overpenetration. This will give you a 100% pierce and does more damage (at the cost of 5 more hatred).

MoD Grim Reaper -> MoD Contagion. This will make it so you do not have to recast MoD every few seconds and so you can still make your AOEs viable with this skill.

SharpShooter -> Cull of the Weak (The build really didn't seem to be high Critical Chance based. With the Entangling Shot Chain Gang, it makes a nice combo.)

Things you might want to look into more: Changing a skill (not sure which) to a higher damage skill/another survivability skill that gives health regen of a sort. You might be able to get enough DPS out with what you have now, but you might want to look into it.

These are just some thoughts though :3 Hope it helps.

Edit: Just realized what Hungering Arrow actually does. Impale might/might not be better, but it still worth looking into some. It can still be a 1 person DPS, with the addition of line AOE.
Thanks man good advice, Hungering Arrow with pierce or Impale with OP was my toss up and prob the one I would switch but I kinda liked watching the arrow do a U-turn into the mob heh.
Contagion sounds like a good choice too but if I'm making Impale my main single target won't I want Mortal Enemy to spam it more easily?
I'm not sure on cull the weak over SS because I'm not using it to slow mobs (only 2 seconds) as I am using it as another AOE spell.
Going to take your advice and completely ignore Immortalize, thanks!
The only reason I am not a huge Fan of Mortal Enemy is because you have to cast it so much. Unless your target is a boss/champion/high hp, you probably will not be using it too often. With Contagion, all you need to really do is set it on a target, Impale it to death quickly, and let it spread to others. That means everyone gets the 20% more damage, and not just 40% of that 20% (8%?... assuming I am reading that rune right). Even if a boss does have a lot of minions, you can cast it on the minion, kill it real quick, then let is spread to the boss/other minions.

This is just what I see though. If you were going for a high critical damage build or something, I would like Mortal Enemy more.

Edit: Good point on the slow, I always forget how little time it has on Entangling shot ~.~. But this is where you might want to look at other skills, such as Fan of Knives or Caltrops. Entangling can be nice though.

Another idea for a different passive could be the life regen one (since you don't really have any life regen aside from health globes) or Steady Aim
I'll be using MoD on named mobs and bosses only so I feel Grim Reaper will offer good support there whereas Contagion is limited if my mark isn't on a regular mob. If I burn down my main target the others will take a good amount of damage and I won't need to remark to kill them. Also if I mark and AOE the group it's a little more damage on top of the AOE attack.

Although in Hell or Inferno (maybe on nightmare) I may be switching to contagion since the mobs will have sufficiently higher HP and if I'm under geared I'll have to focus fire smaller clusters.

EDIT: I'm not planning on getting hit much since aside from having to summon a companion which can't be that often and marking a target I'll be using none of my discipline so evasive arrow will have all my discipline so I don't foresee any health problems unless I back flip into more mobs, which could happen, haha.

Your thoughts?
Yeah, MoD can be tricky in that sense. I think the only real way to tell is when the game comes out and you can use it. But since you think you will mostly be using it on bosses anyways, it might be alright to stay on Grim Reaper. It will just be a more situation skill rather than a mob style skill.

The passives are just an idea. Cull of the Weak is definitely not a bad passive by any means; I just thought you might want to see if there was anything that might work better for your build though. I am just trying to get the mind going a bit xP Nothing set in stone of course.

But as I was saying, Fan of Knives might be decent for a slowing effect, to make SharpShooter worthwhile. But Caltrops kinda really sticks out to me right now. Put it with the DOT rune, it might be a nice addition. It might break the flow of your build though, but it is just a thought :3

And the idea of life regain was an idea too. I am sure it is not necessary to have in every build, but I usually like to incorporate it someway. But it might not be needed for this build. But you will get hit, I don't think Blizzard will let you get away with not being hit much :P
Cull the Weak would have been an entirely different play style than I was originally intending though it appears our informative debate has been rendered moot by a change to hatred and it's now back to the drawing board.
See you on the next build!

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