RUSSBarb x GERBarb - first lvl 60 in day 1?

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Diablo isn't a child's game and doesn't need to cater schoolboys who get an hour or less a day to play. It's always been the hardcore game in blizzard's arsenal and I imagine D3 will be no different.

Seeing as it's not a subscription based model, there needs to be an extensive amount of gameplay packaged in the initial release. Otherwise the game will be reviewed poorly prior to enough sales being made. It's not a game that's going to get content updates every few months like an MMO. I imagine it will be shocking how hard it is to hit cap.
Starcraft isn't mature rated and I only know a few people who flunked out of college over starcraft. All of them Korean
I would love to try to be the first hitting level cap or even beating inferno , but i have a life you know? Even if i were that kid during the hollidays...
But i think some crazy freaked boys will surely try would be fun to see their journey.

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Starcraft isn't mature rated and I only know a few people who flunked out of college over starcraft. All of them Korean

I loled
I guarantee there will be a ton of them, and you can quote me on that. The reason took so long for d2 is after 90ish, and esp after 95, the xp is extremely slow. But in D3 you are going to be 60 when you finish Hell.
Well what I find interesting is the difference in the POINT of the level cap in D2 vs D3.

D2-Level max is 99. This is just an arbitrary number, keeping it two digits. Mainly because the max monster level if 85 and if they let you keep going you'd get way too rigged. Also, anyone who has played D2 a lot can tell you that the leveling slows down a LOT after 80.

D2-The point of the cap was to keep you from going any farther, chances are that you had already beaten hell 30 times over

D3-Level max is 60. Once again arbitrary, not sure about the leveling speed, so it could take a while

D3-The point of the cap is to A. have a place where everyone gets "leveled off (no pun intended)" and then players become skill/gear dependent. and B. Unlock inferno mode, where ALL monsters are lvl 61+.

The reason I think 1-60 in D3 will be FASTER than 1-99 in D2 is because there's actually CONTENT on the latter end of the D3 scale. In D2, there wasn't much of a point. In d3, the level cap will be useful to hit because then you're ready for a whole nother difficulty
To CrixOMix'd point about Inferno, I imagine the cap at 60 is to leave room for level cap increases in the future a'la Lord of Destruction type expansions in the distant future.

Says the guy who wasn't there.

Yes they had other people playing, they both had teams of players to play around the clock.

and thats against the tos

I've personally never understood the need to be world/server first at anything. I have responsibilities and things that need to get done. As much as I would like to devote massive amounts of time to a game I love, it just isn't in the cards. Being first doesn't mean anything to me, that said who knows. I'm sure their are those that care and will attempt to get their as fast as humanly possible.
I'll be happy to arena against someone who hit the level cap using team-play tactics and has 1/3 the experience with their class than me.
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Mainly because the max monster level if 85 and if they let you keep going you'd get way too rigged.

First, rigged doesn't mean what you think it does, and second, 14 levels over monsters is pretty high. Considering chance to hit/be hit is based off of level and attack rating/defense, you'd need less and less defense and attack rating to whoop up on most things. And of course, third, gear already gets you to the point of overpowered.

Anyway, anyone who thinks leveling to 60 will take a while is dreaming. Blizzard already said you should be 60 if not close to it by the time you're done with hell difficulty, and considering Diablo is about killing stuff, especially at a fast rate, I really doubt you'd have crawl your way through hell just to beat it.
hitting lvl 60 will be ez since infernal lvl mobs will be higher lvl then you. Btw I will be the firsts to kill the game on inferna and hit lvl 60l, just like i was the first to kill diablo 2 on the hardest setting.

russbarb-germBarb had teams of players 3 ppl playing each caracter plus a few teams clearing dungens up to diablo and 1 guy finding exp shrines.

my barbs name was Metalman in D2
to the guy who said killed RUSSBarb in HC....

lol to you
Diablo 3 is about the same length as diablo 2 so we will see people in Inferno on day 1 probably.

I know I will attempt to get to inferno and rush the game just to say ah hah! I beat the game and level 60...

I was one of the first 99s after a ladder reset in patch 1.09 named XXLightsorc or something.

I cant remember what my name was but I was a nova sorceress who pwned cows all day long and hit 99

Lol You have 5675 achievement points on your druid. TROLL
My Level 77 Barbarian walks all over Act 1 Normal.

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