RUSSBarb x GERBarb - first lvl 60 in day 1?

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i give a few days before you get 60's..

wow had beta and people where able to do trial runs to get there the fastest ..the first 3rd of the first act .. does not giv people a chance for the best play through strat
So someone did a speed run with a lvl 1 new wizard in 24 minutes. It looked like many enemies were ignored and the skeleton king was a bit tricky.

If the beta is truly 40% of A1 then at that same pace A1 would take 1 hour. x 4 acts = 4 hours at the same pace and act length.

Then for 3 difficulties to level 60 thats 12 hours. That an enirely doable amount of playtime but a seemingly impossible pace to keep up with.

I think a quick pace for new content and to keep leveling would be 2.5 hours for A1. 10 hours for normal, maybe 30 hours to 60. And thats quick. Its also a pretty huge guess. So 1 day I doubt. Maybe 1 day playtime but over 2 days for a single person.
Probably not day 1, but I wouldn't be surprised if we had some in the first week. I personally loved the fact that it took forever to get to level 99 in Diablo II, but that only occurred because their goal was to make it so nobody would ever reach it. Now that Blizzard realizes that someone will always reach the maximum level, they cap it off way low and people max it out in a matter of days. It's totally lame.
30-40 days of nonstop play isn't possible.. You'd die.

Unless you had other people playing for you.

Last time I checked I have dropped more then 15 yrs into gaming, not dead yet. And that's about as far fetched as gaming 30 days straight w/o getting up. There's a medium there, we should all respect it and do away with the judgements of the non-wise.
bashiok or some blue said we will hit lvl 60 by the end of hell.... do u honestly think that nobody will hit hell in day 1? LOL
the yoggscast members were hitting level five in a matter of about ten minutes and half of it was spent walking around exploring elements. it will be extremely faster then D2 ever was.
A skilled group of 4 should be able to get to 60 in under 12 hours after release. Once people are familiar with the later acts and how to rush them I expect that could fall to 8 or less. Getting to 60 is approximately equivalent to your character beating hell plus some runs due to rushing it. This won't fall as low as it is for Diablo 2 due to timered teleport.

Beating Hell in Diablo 2 is very fast with a good team due to teleport and knowledge of the areas of the game and what is skippable and what is not. I think that a good team beats hell in Diablo 2 in under two hours from scratch due to teleport + town portal and division of tasks between the group. Definitely under 3 hours.
No way in hell anyone hits level 60 day one.
09/22/2011 03:05 PMPosted by Nikoa
Once people are familiar with the later acts and how to rush them I expect that could fall to 8 or less

This is like keeping on pace with beating the beta in 16 minutes. And thats with everyone saying how easy beta is and how plentiful resources are to start.
in d2 when ladder reset i always got a sorcy to lvl 87 in day 1... its absolutely possible in d3 to hit 60 in day 1

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