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Demon Hunter
Just checked the Demon Hunter skill page, and the hatred abilities are now divided by hatred spenders, hatred generators, and discipline.

Is this currently active on the beta?
What do you guys think?
If they don't change the rune's to accommodate this update then it is a terrible decision.
EDIT: they also need to update some of the passives on the calculator.
I was expecting changes to Passive, and nothing happened, so I am disappointed by the changes, hopefully there will be more to come. Fundamentals as now become almost completely worthless (Who will ever use Basic Attacks now?), which means even less useful Passives. One good thing I can see, is my screen completely filled with spam-able Hungering Arrow jumping from target to target.
Im pretty sure the passives have yet to be updated, as the "Grenadier" passive still claims to reduce the hatred cost of grenades. (0.o)
that is awesome, they did a nice job of balancing that out.
09/23/2011 03:34 AMPosted by Chaarlie
Love it!! I wanted to play DH so bad but hesitated because of the hatred issues and the dual-wield issues. Now it's just a matter of hatred generation speed vs. bigger dmg per hit like the monk and barb and of course no more resorting to basic attacks unless you want to. All skills should be more viable with the damage changes too. Very happy morning!

Edit: I'm hoping this is in the beta or gets into the beta soon so we can see the new changes. I'm sure many will make new videos for us.

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