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I normally just play a game to have fun. If I have to MF some gear .... looks like i'll be MF'ing. If my friends and I want to PvP ... looks like i'll be switching gear. AKA Playing a game how i want to because it is FUN. If im killing everything while another guy is MF'ed out the rear , I would hope he is only like me and offers anything I could use on my own character as general hospitality goes. He could also just run away with the items he found too , not going to phase me cause of my first statement. Let people do what they want in a game they bought within the standards of the game. Long Live Diablo!
Stuff the OP said right above me.

The people hating on MF are stuck in WoW/MMO mode. Some of them even think servers are going to be dedicated to PvE or PvP lol!

But really, what you said is true. Play it to have fun, because that is supposed to be the reason we play.

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