Entangling Shot Golden Rune Function?

Demon Hunter
While playing around with the Demon Hunter's Skill calculator, I noticed the Entangling Shot's Golden Rune still has a Hatred Cost reduction effect.

Is this due to the website being behind on the game updates or is this effect still in the game?

Here is the link to it: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#e!!b

If you have any ideas to suggest for a replacement of this rune's effect, post it below :D. If you find any other rune effects broken by the new Demon Hunter Resource System, post it in this thread as well :). I'm certain it would help Blizzard make some decisions if we had cool ideas to suggest them.

[u]Also, please try to keep the rune's effect balanced.</u>
I am going to suggest it does the same thing Grenades did with its Golden Rune: more hatred per cast.

Grenades had the reduction from 30 hatred to 12.5 hatred. When the new system came out, it went to 10 hatred per cast, to 24 hatred per cast.

I would say they would increase the hatred to 10~12 hatred per cast.

A cool effect might be.. something where you shoot the monster, and it lays down an AoE slowing "sludge", where it lasts for like 4~ seconds, and slows monsters for 2 seconds when they step in it.
There was some talk about entangling shot chaining targets to pull them together.. I'd love an effect like that as a rune :)

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