WD has lack of movement speed ability

Witch Doctor
I understand that there is spirit walk, which allows unhindered movement. But this really pales in comparison to the movement abilities of the other classes, it doesn't seem to measure up.
I am primarily thinking of the mobility required to do efficient MF runs.

Barbarian has the leap - long range and able to clear walls. Has no resource (fury) cost.

Demon Hunter has Vault - mid range and unable to clear walls, has no cooldown. Costs 10 discipline. Can be upgraded to cost 20% (2), or upgraded to have long range. On top of this, the DH has hot pursuit - a passive buff that gives 10% movement speed with full hate resource.

Monk has Dashing strike - short range, no cooldown. Costs 10 spirit. Can be upgraded to buff movement speed by 55% after use, or to cost 70% less (3) spirit. Also has a passive ability to increase movement speed 10%

Wizard has Teleport - mid range, 16 sec cooldown. Costs 15 Arcane Power. Can be upgraded to have instant recast within 2 seconds.

Does this change anyone's mind about the WD's late game potential, where farming efficiency is a considerable factor towards the viability of the class.

TL;DR - All other classes than the WD have movement speed boosting abilities, and in some cases passives as well. Is this an issue?

MF boss runs are a thing of the past, from my understanding bosses only drop good once and afterwards is just another mob amongst the rest with special abilities.

So basically you will just MF by killing anywhere, but I could be wrong.
I dont think bosses are normal mobs after the first run.. they will still drop more loot.

I still think boss runs will be the way to go about loot farming, but instead of rushing to the boss you will clear everything along the way since it will all have an equally good chance to drop good loot.

That being said..

Spirit Walk with Indigo (Jaunt) makes it last 10 seconds.
Horrify with Obsidian (12 second fear) or Alabaster (55% move speed buff)

The combination of these two abilities should let you move through dungeons uncontested. Spirit walk for 10 seconds.. when you come out of it horrify anything dangerous that is close by. 5 seconds later you can spirit walk again.

Probably the safest traveling in the game. No one else can avoid everything without even having to worry about aggro or CC.
It all depends how Inferno is. If it's easy enough to do (which I doubt) and viable for people to rush to a boss and avoid all trash then yeah, WDs will be left behind. I'm pretty sure Inferno is going to be a solid exercise in teamwork though.

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