Are you against expansion lvl cap increase?

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I say they make the level cap 99 or more and keep the monsters at only level 60 max that way it will take a 1000 years to get max level even with constant grinding :)
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The worst feeling I ever got from a Blizzard game, aside from Blood Elves being introduced as a Horde race, was the starting quests in Burning Crusade. I was replacing gear I had earned from raiding, RAIDING when it was 40 people and took hours upon hours, by gear I "earned" doing the kind of easy hand holding quests I had done when I started my character. And I was doing it solo. All that work for what?

aaaaaaand you nailed it. i dont play wow anymore because no matter how much time you put into it, gear is obsolete with each exp. just wait a year and get the 10 day free trial on the new exp and youll have better gear than ANYONE that spent 24/7 raiding and farming. you put the point of DLCs just adding more items and more quests(story line) perfect and i personally hope this is how blizz handles d3 expansions

hahaha on a side note.... a forum on expansions for a game not even out of beta yet lol @ us. god blizz see what youve done to us?!?!?!?!?!
I really wish the release level cap was 99 or 100...I mean, to me that's Diablo. Granted Diablo's level cap was 40 and then Diablo 2's cap was 99. Not really sure what that means but what can we do, we're just the customers afterall.
I could easily see new expansion being an entirely new difficulty level after inferno with min lvl being 60 to enter the content.

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