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WoW was influenced by was talked about quite a lot back in the day.

Therefore, D3 was not influenced by WoW, other than aesthetically, of course.

Don't know what crack you're smoking, D3 definitely has alot of WoW influences, no matter how many of you don't want to admit.

The entire D2 team (Blizzard North) left Blizzard, and its the sole reason why D3 was dead for so many years

Apparently better crack then yours cause blizzard said this themselves you moron.
09/22/2011 10:22 AMPosted by Kangaxx
Those posts are not really me. They are a compilation of a bunch of people, it seems we all have the same Forum identity.

that wouldnt surprise me since ur name is D3BETA, im sure thats really common. or was it given to you because u had no account on the bnet or something?

well thats enough to convince me, but i doubt the cynicists who are convinced there really was no beta invites will remain unconvinced.

It was auto assigned. I could use my Starcraft or Wow identity but this was the only Diablo option.

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