Beta invites in waves only, or random adding?

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So there has been the initial closed beta invitation.
Was that it for now, or will they be sporadically be adding people and not telling us they're doing it?
Say they flagged 50k accounts on day 1, made grand announcement, 30's style boxing and ticker tape parades everyhwere.
Will they flag another 5k today, maybe 2k on Saturday, 10k a week from now... etc, without announcing they are doing so?

Should I need to check my account every day for an opt-in, or only check it when they announce they have invited more people?
I feel like I'm getting myself all excited for nothing, daily :)
If you read here you will see all the information you are looking for regarding beta wave invites. They never post anything about sending out waves. From this point forward, you may receive an invite at any point during regular business hours.
you should go live your life instead of constantly refreshing your email for an invite that will never come. no, seriously. go outside. dress up like a witch doctor and run around chasing frogs if it'll make you feel better.
09/22/2011 10:13 AMPosted by Dutch
you should go live your life

But the skill calculator was released.

How does one live their life with so many unexplored possibilities!

Edit: btw i like that witch doctor idea. It makes me want to go on a Septa bus and start launching toads three at a time.
It will work like this:

Blizz engineer 01: Hey bob we have x amount of people online continuously and the server is running at only 30% capacity send out some more invites.
Blizz engineer 02: *Sends out another wave of invites say 2000*
Blizz CM: lalala I heard nothing *posts something cool in fancy blue text*
Blizz engineer 01: ehhh still only reaching 70% send out afew more.
Blizz engineer 02: *Sends out another 1000 invites*
Blizz engineer 01: Oh crap server is running at 98% no more invites for now lets workout the coding and hardware needed in relation to the number of people we have online so we can add more.
Blizz CM: I know lets think of a cool competition to hold for when the tech guys say the server is ready for more invites *whistles happily*

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