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On the forums, I've seen quite a few people with complaints about the current respec system. However, as I've been watching the few beta videos that are out there already and checking out the skill calculators, there are a few conclusions that I've come to that, at least in my mind, make the system make more sense.

1. Compared to other games, each class has relatively few skills. There's a good variety of abilities, don't get me wrong, but there just aren't tons to choose from and they all seem to be pretty viable through to the late game.

2. Runes make some pretty substantial changes in the mechanics of an ability. Whether it's life stealing, stuns, AOE, resource regeneration, or making a giant toad that swallows enemies, it's basically having an entirely new ability.

3. From what I've read, runestones will be fairly rare random drops that have different levels of potency. That means there is a good chance that there will be a limited supply, especially at higher levels.

From these three main point there are a few things we can assume:
1. No one will be using base abilities, people will be utilizing runes on every ability because regardless of the rune used, it makes the base ability stronger.

2. Because runes are needed to really make an ability worthwhile (without one your crippling yourself) and because there is a limited supply of them, a lot of runes will end up on the auction house and the good ones could get very expensive.

3. Because the runes change abilities so much, truly respeccing will be more about switching out all of your runes to get new abilities rather than just changing your six active ones.

So in the end respeccing will have a cost that's determined by the economy of the runes themselves. That means at lower levels it could be relatively inexpensive, but at higher levels it could get extremely pricey, and that Blizzard won't have to deal with a fair way to moderate it and come up with some arbitrary figures because we will be doing that ourselves. All they have to do is decide the drop rate for the runes. The real problem in the whole discussion, in my opinion is that people haven't considered how key the rune system will be to this game as well as the nature it will take in the auction house. Respeccing won't be about changing abilities in the battle field, but about preparing your whole set of abilities with runes before you even leave town.

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