Quit asking for beta invites....

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OK, so I'm actually going to back blizzard for this they have stated many times that they will add people as they feel the servers can handle them. Instead of making them come on and lock/remove/moderate 100+ threads or more a day just about people QQ about not having beta access, why not watch people on x-fire or live stream who have the privilege of a beta to watch for bugs or things to be improved.

Just swarming the forums over how you want a beta invite isn't going to get you a beta invite or speed the process up. Be respectful of blizzard and let them do their thing. If you get in beta, then grats, otherwise give blizzard a break and let them have some peace.

Thanks in advance....
Quit asking people to quit asking Blizzard for beta invites.
Blizz can help this process anytime they want by being more informative. Make a sticky and post when beta waves go out. Will it eliminate the threads..no...but it would at least keep people informed. Trolls will be trolls however.. :(

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