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Hatred generators and spenders. NICE!
GJ Bliz
so is this the revamped dh?
Fan of knives now scales with weapon damage and has a 10 second CD.
Wow... this screws up my build HARDCORE! Oh well, time to start thinking what I need to change...
SWEET! Blizzard finally changed a class (in both WoW and D3) and didn't completely kill it.
Incredible. Demon Hunter is quite versatile, but not that she wasn't before.!

FYI to THE POWERS THAT BE (to whom I shall not refer 'directly') Strafe is marked as a generator but the base skill only spends Hatred.
Awesome job Blizz!
Bravo, Blizz, awesome change!! I didn't think it was possible but I'm even more stoked to start this class now.
Wahoo looks sweet so far i want some gameplay so lets go force!!! :)
Sigh...there was no problem with DH resources in the first place...and before you open your mouth and reply about the "issues" reported with the beta...keep in mind runestones aren't in the beta....I don't mind the other changes, but resource management was fine.
A fix needs to be made to Grenadier as Grenades now generate Hatred.!f
Definitely a good change Blizzard, now I actually want to play DH as my main rather than a wizard...
closer to large wave of opt-in invites!
i am in love with this.
ok i'm sold. I'm definitely rolling a DH :D
Tool tips are last to get updated.

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