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Question as far as the item stats are concerned, with all these items being released.

First off, does anyone have a link to somewhere that explains what the modifiers like attack, precision, etc do at the present? Yes I've looked.

Secondly, is it just me or do the % damage modifiers, especially for wizards, seem grossly overpowered? I understand the item stats are subject to change at any time, but something like seems like it's digustingly better than anything any other class can get, despite its rarity? It even seems like some lower level WD/wiz items will be better than many higher level equivalents if these damage modifiers function like they appear to, regardless of base damage or boosted.

Edit: concerns are slightly lessened now that I see the spells scaling on weapon damage, but still, food for thought.

That was the last info we knew before the beta.

Don't know if anyone has researched the progression of things in the actually beta gameplay though.

Q: What types of attributes are there?
A: The latest system of attributes includes 5 different types: Attack (which increases damage), Precision (which increases crit chance), Vitality (which increases health), Defense (which decreases all damage taken), and Willpower (which affects class-specific resources).
Thank you. That's enough to sate my curiousity for now. :D

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