No Ribcracker?!

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I was really lookin forward to having a Ribcracker in the game for my Monk!
That really sucks. =(

The Ribcracker was awesome.

The rest of the D3 items look amazing though! Gj Blizz, Thankyou!
maybe in next exp :D but hope! :D
09/22/2011 06:46 PMPosted by Jessar
maybe in next exp :D but hope! :D

Hopefully! That'd be awesome!
Yes it would but this thing looks awesome :)
Um if you think that's a complete list, you're kidding yourself.
Yeah I was sad when I couldn't find ribcracker in there, it would have been the ultimate monk staff. However there's always the expansions :D
i cant believe you people think that's a complete list.... seriously?
I hope they add nunchuks as monk only weapon in the expansion.

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