Where's Shako & Arkaines Valor!??

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I loved seeing windforce, grandfather, and some of the DII class sets coming back..

But really no Shako? No Arkaines Valor?

considering the disclaimer at the bottom of the items page, i'd suspect that they are simply not showing their full hand. i fully expect arkaine's valor to be in the game somewhere, as it is about as diablo as diablo can get, and a lot of old favorites made it into the game aside from it.
Expansion 1 or 2...
Why would Blizzard show us the full item list? It's just to whet our appetites. lol
I'm also loving the throwbacks, but deeply missing Arkaine's Valor.

Not sure why, but that was one of the most memorable quests from Diablo 1 for me, and I'd love to see it return in some form.
Shako, arreats, azurewrath, and Arkaines valor have to make it into d3, hands down.

They are obviously holding back items because there is no way that all of the legendary items are out there, if you look at the items now there is really only one logical item choice per piece per class and the diablo series is all about being able to use what suits your preference not your best in slots. There is simply not enough posted legendary items on the current list for such a large game.

p.s. I would be extremely sad if there wasn't the usual barbarian specific helmet items that we have come to love throughout the diablo series.

oh and who can forget War Travelers
09/23/2011 09:54 AMPosted by Sorreal
Same place as Harlequin Crest...

lets just bring back all the items from D2, that'll make all the rainbows and brightness go away
They are returning to the place where Diablo 1 took place I expect to see Arkains Valor :)
Considering the fact 90% of my characters wore shako in diablo 2, I'd rather see something new...

Maybe a reference to old uniques here and there, but I'd rather see them vendored / crushed than actually used.

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