Dual Wielding - DPS and Weapon Damage

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I would really like to know the answers to the following questions:
1.) How is DPS assessed for dual wielding? Is it just the addition of both weapons' DPS?
2.) Since a lot of spells are directly dependent on weapon damage, how is weapon damage assessed for dual wielding? Average, sum, min, max?

1) I have no idea.

2) I would hope they use the same min-max number as auto attacks do, otherwise there would be no reason to use a two handed weapon when you can dual wield.
Yeah, it's kinda frustrating. I really want to know the answer to these questions because they are important in my build calculations.
Can we get a blue to shed some light on this? :-D
There was a blue post on this earlier if i recall correctly.

It said that the skill will use the weapon you are currently hitting with, thus changing every hit between the 2 weapons.

Alternate weapons with IIRC 15% haste based on the assumption that a two hander is 15% more damaging than a one hander.

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