Opinions on my build?

Witch Doctor
hey guys, it's been a while since i made this build, but I just now decided to share it with you guys. To me, this seems to be the best of the builds i've seen posted by other players. It offers great survivabily, consistant damage (both direct and DoTs), mana regen, and health regen.


took off my build. feel free to post yours so i can give feedback
Since you are using zombie handler try throwing in gargantuan. You already have a descent survive rate.

It is way too early to even get feedback for builds because we don't know if spells given are great enough. It may look good on paper, but shows way more while playing.

Why are you even copying other ppls builds? I don't get it? Since you can change skills whenever you wan't. Just test each skill out and go from there. Make your own build. That is why I have not shown anyone what my build is going to be.

Cudos...... I will be seeing you on release, whenever that will be.
im sorry if you misread, but this build IS mine. i didn't take it from anyone. And it is true that it's impossible to tell if this'll actually be viable in game, I was just asking for people's thought of it. Thanks for the reply nonetheless. :)
Why did you delete it?

Yeah, this is all theorycrafting stuff. It's fun, so why not?!

What was the build?

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