Looking through items i noticed this

Items and Crafting
I had been looking through items and hadnt seen this a couple days ago but when i went to look at armors and specifically Tyraels Might it said this at the top of the page

Temp Data & Art
All items are examples of what may appear in Diablo III.
They are not final. Expect more rainbows...

I wonder what they mean by rainbows. At any rate glad they have a sense of humor.
It looks like they just recently updated the website, because it seems to say this for all Legendaries now.
i hope it has to do with the nature of the info release. all the items stats are so vanilla. pretty much im hoping they spice up the item library with items n modifiers that really change up gameplay in unique barbaric ways.
Refer to Bashiok's post on the old Diablo 3 forums for the reason for this.

To prevent massive QQ.
It has everything to do with the fact that people were complaining about the supposed lack luster items. I suspect that they wanted to release some more material for people to digest and discuss, hopefully keeping them occupied during a time when people are getting a little crazy about the beta and the release dates. It was probably a bit premature to release such incomplete information, however, as it kind of backfired with people taking everything so literally and not reading the disclaimers.

Anyway, long story short: Expect more rainbows = good news.
I hope rares arent good like in diablo 2 tons of !@#$ty gear its awsome hunting for good stuff thru the piles of bad im worried cause u can craft items now does that mean less drops of items more valuables like will immortal king be the real deal or just a %^-*ty set again????

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