Why does the monk carry weapons?

From what I've seen, the monk doesn't use his weapons for 90% of the time, which is something that has turned me (and others, as some threads can tell) off from the class.

I'm fine with the monk not using weapons at all, but the fact that he has to carry a useless stick on his back is not only silly, but it goes against what I've seen from the monk's concept art. In the art, the Monk always has his weapon in hand, which was appealing to many.

But if he's not going to use his weapon, why carry it at all?

The monk would look better if:

1) He used his weapons (especially the Daibo, which is the fighting stick he holds) There's another thread devoted to this solution already.

2) Or he just hid his weapon from view. He's not using it anyway, so why carry dead weight on a supposedly "agile" class?

If this issue were addressed, most players similar to me would have more fun with the monk class.
I don't want to use fists or even fist weapons. I think they're ridiculous. Was glad to see the Daibo in the game but disappointed that it doesn't seem to be used.

Hope they fix the animations and perhaps some abilities can use the staff for attacking.
oops I just made a super long thread and I didn't realize there was a super long thread already devoted to this topic. Can you link the thread you mentioned in point 1?
I'm ok with him having them equipped. Its the really terribly "animation" where he instantly teleports them from his hands to his back and then back again when he uses skills that don't include them in the animation.

It looks really choppy and bad. If they clean up the animation and have him just leave them sheathed until he uses them, I would be fine with it.

Although I do agree I wish there were more animations\skills that used the Daibo.
Yeah, it's quite funny to see Monks running around holding weapons on their hands, then when they attack monsters they sheathe those weapons and start throwing punches, and draw weapons again after when everything is over, and running around again. Looks little inconvenient. :p

I mean, if not gonna bother using those weapons at all, why not just carry those around the waist/back all the time? The weapons are still equipped to the character, so you'll still get that stat bonuses regardless of where the weapons are shown visually.
Agreed. Weapons should be animated. I'm a bit conflicted about monk keep weapons on back/sides for all attacks. Weapons are tools - their benefits (stat boosts, etc.) should be applied from use, not decoration. :/

I'm suprised Blizzard hasn't commented on this issue seeing as there is threads about this on just about every diablo website. I agree 100% that the Monk needs to either USE the weapons he has (which is most preferred) or keep the weapons sheathed at ALL times. Like many have said, it's sloppy, unfinished, and silly looking. If blizzard fixes this plus removes the "LOLpillarLOL" and "LOLgiantbellLOL" the Monk would be one of the favorites I think.
I'd rather he carry no weapons at all. Sheathe em permanently if you have to show em.
I was able to get a sword swing animation and attack as a monk when I selected normal attack instead of one of the skills.

I thought monks would also use a staff with their skills? I was looking forward to playing some deadly bearded guy with a stick.

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